As Creative Director of LARRY PAO DESIGN, I had the privilege of working with master photographers from the LA and Orange County areas. Those strong collaborations contributed to the success of my firm. It garnered numerous local, national and international awards including the National Addy and Belding Awards, as well as awards in publications such as Communications Arts, Print Magazine and Graphis. 

Separate from these commercial successes, I derived pleasure seeing my visions come to life by great photographers who made magic with their command of light. Soon I became fascinated with photography, and this fascination turned into a passion that drove me to step behind the

camera. I was quickly recognized internationally by Hasselblad for my travel and nature images — honored by being selected as one of 50 international photographers in a prestigious 50 year Anniversary Exhibit that travelled to 50 major cities around the world.

In 2008, I merged photography and design into one business — QUIETLIGHT PRODUCTIONS. Founded on the premise that photography and design go hand-in-hand, QUIETLIGHT PRODUCTIONS afforded me the opportunity to pursue my photography, while maintaining my long-standing graphic design business. It gives my clients access to my expertise as a creative director, designer, and now, image-maker.